From the university: "We are emailing to announce a change to the Spring Semester undergraduate examination results publication date. In response to the impact of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the results publication date will now be one week later than previously advertised."

Really? How many months has it been now? What possible unforeseen impact has the pandemic had given that the university has been operating under these conditions for over a year? State of this

I mean, I don't much care, it's only the official transcript of results, you know your results beforehand anyway - it's just the constant excuses from companies, universities, government at this late stage of the pandemic

Sowwy the pandemic is going on so we can't possibly figure out how to answer the phone, fix your internet, release your exam results, we made a fucky wucky 🥺 🥺

Especially since the pandemic has been going on since the start of the academic year, what has changed?

It's almost like employers are deliberately making flimsy pandemic excuses, so they can push for people to head back to the office the moment the government says they can

Well they are still having to pay rent, business tax, utilities etc. They won't have a plan for maybe we could hotdesk? I know the recession forced some banks to think that way and they saved money. So I think it depends where you work and what you do.


@onepict @ak

it may have been relatively easy for banks as they already had secure VPNs even before the Internet was popular, by late 90s they were mostly using PC apps to screen scrape their IBM 3720 terminal emulators, but other companies may really struggle (also due to the extra level of telephone calls many are receiving and making, at my own work the traffic on the VOIP phone system has shot up, also we lost 3 staff this year who left due to increased workload...

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