NEW VIDEO: Why Wasn’t Tracy Beaker Gay? | The Impact and Legacy of Section 28


have a click if you’re interested and leave me a comment on the youtube to feed that algorithm if you like ~

@shonalika I only learned about Section 28 a few months ago and was so furious. Gonna watch this right now.

@Dolly @shonalika I was at university when Section 28 came in, so I remember the campaigning but I didn’t really understand the impact until much later, when I heard from people who’d grown up with it. I’m still angry at the teacher-training students I knew who thought it was a good idea

@ghost_bird @Dolly it's absolutely nuts to me that it was in place while I was in school. it feels like something that ought to have existed in the 60s maybe

@shonalika @Dolly There was a lot of open and casually accepted homophobia in the 80s. Like, really a lot, and not just in the media. It’s hard to imagine now, thankfully.

@shonalika @Dolly Though on the positive side, there were the activists who took “promotion of homosexuality” literally and offered vouchers for a free sample of gay sex to Tory MPs

@ghost_bird @Dolly omg AMAZING. were activists a lot more badass back then??? or is it more that they've been written about as Important History so we know what they did whereas people doing stuff rn are just considered a nuisance

@shonalika @ghost_bird Very likely the latter. Media entities have started to understand the power of simply not covering activists at all. It's why peaceful protest is no longer viable, because peaceful protest can be ignored. Which is why that fucking policing bill in the UK will be a disaster for generations if it passes.

(Also, just finished the video. Much appreciated :heart_cyber: )


@Dolly @shonalika @ghost_bird

they started this around the 90s, when I was working in broadcast engineering in late 90s I set up studio kit for LWT (ITV London) and noticed they had a "roofcam" on the video sources - this was used for the news so the "live window" of London you saw behind the newsreaders wasn't always live, the window was obscured and a green screen put in front of it, and the roofcam feed was be replaced with recorded footage if activists tried to assemble in its viewpoint..

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