Hat tip to @mathew - I just learned that France had a graeter than 720i broadcast standard in the 1940s!

That's Astounding.

I gotta find some old french gear, I guess.

@ajroach42 @mathew now we're firmly into "actually might be easier to re-implement than to get a full complement of functioning original equipment" territory ;)

@djsundog @mathew (OTOH, it looks like this standard was still in some use in france as late as the early 80s! So maybe not?)


@ajroach42 @djsundog @mathew

yes, the 819 lines TV channel was active in 1983 when I went to France on a school exchange trip (it seemed to show arty movies that I could barely understand) - my host family only had a black and white set but I think this channel was B&W only. It was stopped soon after (around end 1983 to early 1984) and replaced by SÉCAM 625 lines for compatibility with the rest of Europe...

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