The recent flood events in #Germany and beyond triggered a discussion about how to warn citizens reliably and effectively. The current proprietary app environment failed at this – again!

Already last year we called for #CellBroadcasts [1/2]


@fsfe I thought France was the only country left not using Cell Broadcast!?
cc @RatZillaS

@mmu_man @fsfe @RatZillaS With Germany, you have at least one more. Instead of an established standard with high efficiency which is used in numerous industrialised countries, Germany relies on a centralised system with three proprietary apps.


@fsfe @mmu_man @RatZillaS

to be fair, UK has only started testing it this year, and when they did it only worked on one of my mobile phones with my work SIM (slightly higher priced business grade contract), I didn't get any alert on the pay as you go SIM on a budget network that I use for a backup..

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