The problem with changing instances is that I have yet to find another instance that is
1) general purpose (nerd/tech is general enough for my purpose)
2) someplace I won't be the only woman visible on the local TL
3) large enough to have an active local TL

Maybe I should just scrap requirement 1 and meld this with my account, I dunno. It's not as though I've managed to maintain a straight Brand face over there or anything.

@gamehawk is popular and active, has a diverse userbase and lots of cool arty people on it...

@gamehawk about 300 active people and 680 users, but I see a lot of traffic from them on the timelines.. and are reasonably large and well run, but (unsurprisingly) much (but not all) of the local timeline will be in German..


@gamehawk has been around a while and is popular/active (I have an alt on there and should be able to send you an invite) - they do use a forked version of the software with a single timeline (this may or may not be an issue)

@vfrmedia Not sure what that means. Doesn't have the tweetdeck-like interface?

@gamehawk it looks like this. There is only one timeline rather than the 3 you get on normal Mastodon (if you click on the links at the RHS the middle timeline is replaced with local or federated or your notifications...

@vfrmedia Ah, yeah, that's a nope, I use the "advanced" display.

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