Look, I think you’re all being quite unfair: Apple Inc. does not bow down to government pressure… unless it negatively affects their bottom line.


#apple #privacy #humanRights

@aral the govts and feds are big customers of Apple as well; they have more clout than the average individual.

I remember in late 2000s when my antifa friend from Denmark was saying how Apple gave more privacy - the same same year they (along with outside contractors) built a custom CCTV control room in Copenhagen using the exact same (or even better) Mac based systems he used , which was used to successfully surveil and dilute protests at the UN Climate agreement.. >>

@vfrmedia I’m so sorry to hear about your friend’s passing.



@aral Thanks Aral - he was one of the first people who told me about the Fediverse 10 years ago and its a great shame he didn't live to see it become more popular and usable..

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