I'm a firm believer of Hanlon's Razor, but over a week, Facebook has flagged a post and a comment of mine, both about Mastodon (and including a link to joinmastodon.org)


@yhancik Before I was banned by Twitter (their AI thought I was a conspiracy theorist for making fun of them), I also had the impression that Tweets linking to joinmastodon.org did less well than expected. So I mostly linked to a blog post of mine, which linked to joinmastodon.org.

If true that would be anti-competitive behavior, which is officially illegal. I find it hard to believe they would risk that. If someone sings that can cost them a lot of money.

@VictorVenema @yhancik

Facebook and Youtube actively discourage external links (to anything) in posts/comments, there are also settings on YT where the channel owner can choose whether or not to allow external links (not sure whether FB allows community mods to decide this or applies its own automatic policies as I've never used it). I noticed this when trying to comment on YouTube with a link to the Dutch public news service; in this case the comment simply disappeared without any warning >>

@vfrmedia Interesting. I never do well on YouTube. Maybe because I have a tendency to add links to add sources, especially in the waste pit of YouTube.

But discouraging all links is legally different from only blocking/discouraging links to competitors, whether Mastodon or forums.



@VictorVenema the link I posted on a YT comment was to news from a state broadcaster, with no social network element - I'm not sure if it would be considered as "competition".

I suspect its automated moderation systems being set too heavy (another YT thing I noticed was videos on a young lads channel about cars being set to "kids only", in spite of him being old enough to drive and most likely in early 20s! I did warn him on his previous videos but I think he's just given up YT)


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