@polymerwitch we love us some hero even if they end up a martyr

i can't think of any story offhand that isn't about individuals overcoming or succumbing.

do we even have stories of people?

@meena @polymerwitch there are several old revolutionary / workers' movement songs that are about ”us” or ”those heroic comrades” without specifying any of them individually, so I'd say that yes, we have such stories.


@Stoori @meena @polymerwitch

Also in modern times a lot of folk keep quiet about what they did BITD due to statutes of limitation (its never 100% clear what they are unless you are legal expert), or they have to wait 20+ years - there's a Dutch chap who made a pirate TV station that hijacked the cable network in NL and could be seen in Germany in his late teens/early 20s), he only talked about it on YT in his 40s as both countries Communications Ministries were on after for him...

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