@vfrmedia you might just as well flip a coin each time you need to choose a unit 馃

@vfrmedia If it's a short distance, are you estimating, or measuring? If estimating, inches. if measuring, metric (unless it's a whole number of inches, in which case use that, which is why you may be cutting a 14inch by 23cm board)

@zbrown @MxCraven

there's a difference between usage by healthcare professionals and "normal" folk, since the 1980s the health service uses metric for height and weight (parents in maternity wards are encouraged to use it, and any patient who ends up in hospital or residential care has their dimensions measured in metric and recorded on internal systems...

@vfrmedia @MxCraven of course, but find me someone on the street who claims to be 180 rather than 6 foot

@zbrown @MxCraven

its strange as my generation was taught to measure our height in metres/cm and weight in kg during school (maybe not encouraged any more due to avoiding bullying/body image issues?) but outside it gets converted into imperial (though I've found by stating my dimensions in metric I can gain some height and the "big numbers" confuse people enough to not know my actual weight 馃榿 )

@vfrmedia @MxCraven it is strange, for weight I can kinda see the appeal in small numbers (and really who knows how much a stone is anyway - I sure don't without looking it up) but for height I'd have thought big numbers would be preferable

@vfrmedia i flipped my laptop over and stormed out of my own

@vfrmedia now hold on this isn't accurate we don't...



we use the...



okay fair enough this is wholly accurate ._.;


tea is not beer, which means it is measured in litres(?) bu what happens if you mix it with some cow milk? 馃


There's an official standard for tea which originates from Britain (and is wholly in metric)



my knowledge graph is ever expanding:

the ISO 3103 wikipage links to the Hyper Text Coffee Pot Control Protocol which should obviously become an ActivityPub Candidate Recommendation (CR) towards fully decentralized coffee pot-control (HTCPCP-TEA available too)


My local rail network has distances measured in miles and chains. I expect most of the rail network is the same.

@floppyplopper @vfrmedia 3 feet to a yard; 22 yards to a chain; 10 chains to a furlong; 8 furlongs to a mile. Don鈥檛 ask me how I know this.

@melivia @vfrmedia
If you see what looks like a fraction painted on the wall on the Merseyrail network, it's a distance in miles and chains. In the Liverpool Central to Hunts Cross leg of the track its the distance to Liverpool Central. I don't know where the other distance markings are measuring to.

@floppyplopper @melivia

there's mixed units everywhere on transport; trams and some(!) metro services use metric as do some newer mainline train services (but many in London still use imperial).

On the roads signs are still in miles but all construction work is measured up in metric units and distances are converted to imperial for signage purposes (eg National Highways will say "there are 7.5 km of roadworks this weekend")

@vfrmedia In fact, only draught beer is measured in pints; bottled and canned beer is generally either 330 or 500鈥痬L.

@vfrmedia Personally, I鈥檓 a die-hard metric partisan, having grown up in Aotearoa/New Zealand.

@SwooshyCueb @vfrmedia depends if it is sold in bottles or cartons, though some cow's milk is actually sold in litres rather than just using the pint bottles and just writing the litres on there

@vfrmedia really like seeing "vegan milk" there :)

Go oat and soy milks!! 馃挭

The "short distance" should contain yards, millimetres and centimetres too, but otherwise completely accurate...

@dheadshot relatively few younger people know the exact length of a yard, and as its 0,9144m its widely approximated to 1 metres especially on the roads (300, 200, 100 "yard" markers at junctions on fast roads are in fact placed at the equivalent distance in metres, and all the roadworks measurements are metric)

@vfrmedia Hang on, tons and tonnes isn't the same? I always believed they were just different spellings...

@M @kranfahrer

it gets worse, particularly in construction industry and building maintenance - mixed units everywhere, measurements widely off, at one place I worked at saw a chap drill straight through a cable (thankfully low voltage) because he was still thinking in feet rather than metres and was a few cm off with all his measurements...


Currently, I have to buy all my tools twice. Because most of our machines have metric screws/joints and so on and also imperial screws/joints...

Try to compare parameters of one machine with another? Here mbar there torr. here deg.Celsius there Fahrenheit.

Hate it.

@vfrmedia this chart turns continental europeans into die-hard brexiteers in under a minute 馃ぃ

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