Spotify is one of the most atrocious companies doing some of the worst damage to access to culture and the fucking texture of society and I don't care how much you can't live without the convenience; it's criminally evil and you should seriously leave it.

Stop empowering billionaire rent-seeking. Stop starving artists by supporting their profit model. Stop giving money to a company that bought and platforms joe rogan .Stop empowering a company that invests in weapons development.

it is literally better to just steal music. Seriously. Just steal it.


@Mainebot sometimes its the *only* way I can get it (I like a lot of 80s Eurodisco that was only released on limited edition 12" singles (maxis) and the labels (even if still in business) aren't even interested in re-releasing those in digital form, the only copies that exist online are vinyl rips from YouTube (which I convert to MP3 to listen to in the car)

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