PSA: If you are using an Android phone, and you have Microsoft Teams installed, and you're not logged into Microsoft Teams on that phone: please uninstall it, or you won't be able to call 911!

No, I am not making this up:

@noelle or, according to the post, at least make sure you are signed into it:

"Google also warns users running Teams on any Android 10+ device to make sure they're signed into an account. If you aren't signed in, uninstall and reinstall the app to prevent your 911 calls from being blocked. You'll still need to update Teams once Microsoft releases its patch, but it'll solve the issue for now. If you are currently logged in, make sure you don't log out before this bug fix is released."


@FiXato @noelle

its also unclear if this also affects other emergency numbers like 999 , 112 , 000 etc and telephone companies really do not like people making test calls to check!

It also seems something in Teams is fighting with a system used by Google to send a location to the Emergency Operator (although its also normal that emergency calls /don't/ show in call history on Android, I noticed this when I had to call the Fire Brigade last year due to an incident in my street)

@FiXato @noelle

I did not have Teams on my phone when I made the 999 call, so lack of CDR logging (a complaint in these bug reports) appears to be a feature of Android - maybe to avoid accidentally redialling the emergency number by mistake later, though it could also be a privacy feature (there are quite a few domestic situations where someone might /not/ want their partners or peer group (who may get access to their device) to know they have made an emergency call!) >>

@FiXato @noelle

although there is also no need for Teams to be on this mobile phone as I normally just use it with the laptop (and occasionally a tablet), so I will yeet it from there; it only seems to run down the battery quicker..

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