This morning my car started making weird, burning smells, so now I'm getting it checked. 😅 First time of my first car 🕺

One cabin air filter replacement later, my car seems to be fine again! And from the diagnostic into, I have a decent idea about which areas of my car I'll need to watch and get taken care of soon. :)


@bthall good that it was only the cabin air filter (depending on the car, you may be able to replace it yourself next year or whenever it needs replacing). Often leaves and other unwanted stuff get sucked in via the air intake and caught up in the filter or the area around it , they cause these kind of issues and the airco to make odd noises (which reminds me I need to check mine tomorrow). Even if you do not have mandatory inspection where you are, yearly servicing pays off..

There were indeed a number of small leaves all up in the filter! I'll look into self-maintenance methods and do the yearly inspections.

@bthall there are a few good car maintenance guides for "free" on libgen "Dave Stribling, Auto Repair and Maintenance" and "Car Maintenance and Repair" by Gabriel Alexander, which are written in USA so will probably be more useful to you (if you have moral misgivings about using libgen you can always buy the PDFs/Epubs or even the dead tre book - I don't think they are too expensive...

Thanks! LibGen is great, especially for trying books before you buy them. :)

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