@brainwane Wild. Is this an FTC issue in the states? I'm surprised this even makes sense with a physical product, but the product differences are wild. It's not even a good *copy* -- save on paper or something?


@K_REY_C @brainwane

long before Amazon even existed I was in a random bookshop in Malaysia in 1994 and found "unusual" versions of mostly American tech books, sold at way cheaper prices (I don't know if they were pirated, or "student" versions intended for a limited distribution). I suspect this has been going on for ages in various forms but clearly Amazon could do more to prevent it ...

@K_REY_C @brainwane

also friends who have published books and released records in the 90s (in UK) mentioned there is 0 way of being sure the printers or vinyl press hasn't made a few extra units that they sell on top of the ones they were supposed to make and then trouser the money made from selling the extras without declaring them for royalty payment purposes, and scams like this happened all the time...

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