It's not only the people riding the trains, those who work on the railroads are also fed up with the privatisation. Nobody likes the results except the people profiting from it and politicians whose religion dictate that it should be like that.

Train worker union members (who work with it every day and have seen the results) are doing a campaign.

@owl quite interestingly, in the finnish discourse about if trains should be privatized the spirit was often that british privatization was a failure but swedish one a success.

anyway, britain has now reintroduced a lot of public control over trains, and it's clear that sweden should do the same.

and finland should not even think about privatizing any more.


@Stoori @owl

before privatisation (when I lived in Reading, SE England) I could easily afford travelling to London, or even Essex or Suffolk as a teenager/young adult who earned way less than I do today.

I still have relatives who live in Reading - with current "free market" approach it works out cheaper to drive there solo (despite high petrol costs, depreciation, maintenance, insurance etc) than to get the train (which isn't any more reliable than in BR/Network South East days)

@vfrmedia @Stoori @owl They took their eye off the ball when they privatised the railways

Railways should not exist to make a profit, they should exist to get the public somewhere.

Railways should exist for the good of all the population, not a few of them to make money out of them
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