We went antique shopping today. I'm going to show you some of the absolutely bizarre things we found. I'll CW and unlist the thread.

I did not buy most of these things.

Antiques, allegeldy 

First off, This very cursed man.

Antiques, allegeldy 

In case you were wondering, there was no information for visitors.

Antiques, allegeldy 

This chonker is coin operated, allegedly.

Antiques, allegeldy 

Cartography is politics, and don't forget it?

Antiques, allegeldy 

In case you decide to get married

Antiques, allegeldy 

An issue of popular mechanics with an article about projection TVs from 1948???

(I bought this.)

Antiques Allegedly 


Antiques Allegedly 

Stop talking about teeth please.

I think the thing that really sells this one is the word "advertisement" underneath the image.


@ajroach42 that has come all the way from Britain; Crusha is a flavoured milk additive (still available today).

Unigate experimented in the 70s/80s with printing these ads on the milk bottles that the milkman delivered. They didn't always have these adverts, and they were more common around holiday periods (maybe as kids were encouraged to bring in the milk and they would see the ads...)

@vfrmedia oh! It's a Milk bottle. Okay. That explains everything.

@ajroach42 others had mostly milk-related ads for cornflakes, tea, biscuits, newspapers or the dairies themselves but occasionally there were even ads for car dealerships on them.

The milko still delivers round my street, he has a new modern electric van and the same milk bottle design is making a resurgence (currently without adverts, though I wouldn't rule out their return if/when the bottom falls out of the internet adtech market!)

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