@DC7IA @uhrheber CEPT/ERO changes have reduced admin burden / barriers for newer entrants, although 1 problem we have in UK (not sure if DE is same) is in some areas foundation tests (which need practical assessment) are only held once every year in unusual locations away from larger towns.

Lack of public transport means if you don't own a car means getting to these locations isn't easy.

@vfrmedia @uhrheber We don't have that problem in Germany. I'm examiner myself at the federal network agency.

@DC7IA @uhrheber

In UK Ofcom have outsourced the exams to the volunteer groups at the radio clubs, which works "OK" but does mean they are dependent on the voluntary work of people reaching their late middle age/senior years and being able to find exam venues

Just had a look at BNetzA website to see what the exams are like.

Appears simlar to NL where the first two levels are combined into one,a bit more study but more privileges when you do get your license..

@vfrmedia @uhrheber I'm also ARRL/VEC accredited VE. The US has the best system, I think.

@DC7IA @uhrheber I noticed one US area did the "foundation" exams *every month* and was linked to volunteer ambulance service (makes perfect sense, our local radio club also has some meetings in the volunteer ambulance HQ)

I get impression UK is trying to copy this, but lacks the resources within both community and Ofcom to match what USA is doing.

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