Radio-Electronics Magazine, October 1958
“Television, Servicing, High Fidelity”

“Les Paul and the Monster”

@cypnk  looking at the photo I can almost "smell the smell"… The brown circuit board material of that age (often) had a specific smell

@mcscx @cypnk it was also caused by the heat of the valves and from the mains trafo burning any dust inside (this equipment runs quite warm, you often see where collectors/restorers also keep pet cats that the kitties often sit on top of the cases of old radios, test equipment etc).

I suspect a lot of the chemicals in that "smell" are now classed by EU and other safety researchers as really bad for you and replaced by other (hopefullly less bad!) stuff...

@vfrmedia not tubes and heat… I'm imagining the smell of the Siemens W48 telephone, inside. I loved it as a boy. @cypnk
@vfrmedia I got the W48 phone from my grandfather as a play-thing in ~1978 when it was 15-30 yrs old… not really old actually @cypnk

@mcscx @cypnk I also remember the smell from working on electronics in high school, we often reused a lot of 1970s era surplus components and circuit boards, I think British Telecom donated a lot of them as where I lived we had an unusually advanced (for UK) electronic telephone exchange which was upgraded several times, as a lot of audio from and went through the region due to the Monitoring service being down the road!

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