Hah, my late November cat food order was updated with the information from the eshop that they are waiting for it to return back (from the carrier, I never got it). Only then they'll refund me.

I'm sure you're enjoying this ~100 dollar interest-free loan, dear eshop.

@pony how long would that last (if you got it)? must be like a wagon of cat food

@MightyPork Extrapolating from a smaller order I made with a different shop, I assume ~half a year. It's for about 8 cats.

(Also as should be noted, the order wasn't just cat food, there were some extras for Christmas, obviously.)

@MightyPork It's complicated. I got 1 cat at home, but we (hard to define we) got much more.

@pony @MightyPork

this is quite normal - although pet cats may bond strongly with a "family" group of humans and keep a certain territory, if they are well fed/treated they can be quite altruistic and communicate to strays/ferals where "good people" are and also help older cats with mobility problems get into gardens etc and alert others to surveillance equipment/CCTV (I've see this happen with my own eyes!).

There are also nature documentaries from UK BBC and German TV that show this..

@vfrmedia @MightyPork yeah, there are other cats circling around the house, so sometimes we take in ones that are in a bad shape. We try to let them go then, but they keep coming back and you don't really want to anyway...

@pony @MightyPork I don't even have a cat but around 8 visit my garden and some clearly turn up in groups/gangs (alas the hard drive is defective on the old CCTV DVR or I'd set the catcam up again). I did give them some healthy/low fat treats (made in AT); but *only* the tortoiseshell female who seems to also like Oberkrainer music and sometimes her brother/friend will eat them (which is why I wonder if an older German couple have moved here and brought them over on the passport)

@MightyPork @pony BTW these aren't strays/ferals ; they are pets of the neighbours (there is a middle aged "cat couple" two streets away, two who officially take obvious strays cats/kittens for the rescue centre

I did see an obviously very old cat but my neighbours knew him and said that he got fed at the nearby sheltered housing for (human) seniors(!), and I saw one of the young cats leading him through a gap below my fence to get in my garden!

@vfrmedia @MightyPork I think it's quite common for the senior housing or similar institutions to keep some pets of their own.


@pony @MightyPork in UK our patients are allowed to bring pets in as long as they are well behaved and not any health risk (the vet declares this), though I haven't seen any yet. (my work has a safety policy for this!) We do get middle aged sons and daughters bring along doggos which are very popular with everyone.

Cats (often the pets of neighbours) tend to get in "unofficially" into sheltered housing through open windows in summer; they are classed as "wild" so are "outside the rules" 😸

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