Here is an interesting thought to post to a mastodon instance. From Dmytri Kleiner via P2P Foundation:

"Going back to an early Internet architecture of cooperative, decentralized servers, as projects such as Diaspora, GNU Social, and others are attempting to do, will not work. This is precisely the sort of architecture that anti-disintermediation was designed to defeat. Decentralized systems need to be designed to be counter-anti-disintermediationist."

@wu_lee he is right, but not for the reasons he provides. The problem is that platforms like Diaspora, GNU Social, Mastodon etc... all rely on ISPs to exist. Kleiner's idea of "[platforms] run[ning] on the computers of the platform’s users" won't solve a thing: ISPs can still lock people the fuck out of the internet as they please. Cooperatively owned ISPs are the only long-term solution to the anti-disintermediation problem.


@Antanicus @wu_lee if you know other languages used in "less free" countries or what they would *look* like, even if you turn off every Masto language filter you rarely see content from there.

I've also seen toots from would be admins in/linked to these countries who point out you often have to register a social media service with govt and be personally responsible for it!

Mastodon is left alone by ISPs in "West" because its harmless, but quite resource hungry so they can profit from it!

@vfrmedia @wu_lee my point exactly. As long as ISPs will be centralized, govenrment-controllable, for-profit corporate entities, decentralization will fail.

@Antanicus @wu_lee not even always "govt interference" which is a threat.

FR govt is very supportive of Mastodon and govt funded techies even have their own instance! FR also has private hosting company OVH which affordable for Masto instances and also accepts foreign customers.

Like many lower cost hosts OVH made *business* decision not to fully test emergency power, and when a 20 000V power line was disrupted externally genset switchover failed, and many instances were disrupted.

@vfrmedia @wu_lee this squarely falls into the "for-profit corporate entities" category I listed :)

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