I'm sort of testing out quit.im, a part of the Federation that looks and works like Instagram (yes, even with the filters), and has a nice, progressive ToS. I am mindblown! Finally a decentralised alternative to proprietary image sharing based social networks. 👍🏼

@pinkprius @lilletale does it give you the option *not* to put on filters and to *allow* some EXIF data to get through (like Mediagoblin?)

I never turn on geolocation on my phone camera but on (alas increasingly rare) occasions I find the time to use a "proper" camera I actually like to share the EXIF stuff about aperture, ISO etc to help other photographers (as my core job is in IT and infrastructure so I'm not in competition with anyone). Its one thing I still like about Flickr!

@vfrmedia Filters aren't mandatory, but I don't know about the rest.


@lilletale I've joined up (already noticed a picture I tooted from *here* in the moments!) - looks like its federated to here so EXIF is stripped out (isn't that much of a loss when I'm only using mobile phones on full auto settings anyway which is more common)

its a good thing that @maloki and "curiosity to help some cats" encouraged me to read some Swedish today, as half of the comments (and some of the UI) are in SE! Does "borgerligt" in this context mean "add to friends/followers?"

@maloki @lilletale the other meaning I see is bourgeoisie (which given the political leanings of much of the fediverse could be some kind of joke, but I'm wary to click on it and end up doing something silly..)

@vfrmedia @lilletale it also means middle class, the most common meaning for it i believe. And possibly the non-socialist

@vfrmedia seems you have found the quitim option to flag a post as "bourgois" (borgerligt) :-)
@vfrmedia if you click the borgerligt button then the jante police will come and take their allemansrätt away
@tomas [ hopefully someone dares to ask what the #jante police and #allemansrätt is ] @vfrmedia

@mcscx @tomas before looking these things up with what (very basic) Swedish I know (mostly from I'd got -rätt and -råtta mixed up and thought it was some kind of ancient Scandinavian concept of wild open areas / woods where everyone co-existed in peace with rats (and other such animals)
- although maybe I wasn't /too/ far off 😆 🐀

@vfrmedia indeed it's "all men's" (allemans) right (rätt) to walk in nature/woods even its private property qttr.at/21ii @tomas
@vfrmedia Swedish is often in the middle between German & English, as in:
glücklich - lucklig - lucky.
Sometimes quite an #Aha moment
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