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I just found my old #fountainpen that I had as a teenager. it was not, as i thought, a pelikan. it is a senator pen and I'm trying to clean the old black ink residue out, that is proving to be a bit difficult.

Ha! I had the same one with blue instead of green :-)

@einebiene do you know anything about it? because I don't. only that it's a senator, that's what is written on the cap.

No, I don't know anything. I just remembered now. I only know that I liked writing with it very much.
Alex@rtnVFRmedia Suffolk UK @vfrmedia

@einebiene @distelfliege looks like the company (or at least the brand) is still around today, makes various pens many at affordable prices (as well as some more expensive ones); its unclear if the pens themselves are still made in DE (company base is shown as in Hesse) or the factory is now elsewhere.

They do appear to be trying to market to the UK but this could be very new (as their pens are not yet at cultpens or TWD)

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I didn't even know about the company... I don't know which company made mine either, it doesn't say.

@einebiene @vfrmedia beautiful! is that the original decoration or is it DIY?

@distelfliege @einebiene these are the sorts of designs you would occasionally encounter into the 1990s in UK in shops (often run by British Asian folk) selling "Continental" stuff (such as French and German newspapers), but stationery can have gender divisions and such designs were more popular with girls, whilst boys (if they used s fountain pen) would usually select single colour design. I notice Senators current "teenagers" range uses a Lego character, presumably to get round this πŸ˜‰

I'm not sure if they are from the 90ies but they are pretty old.
no, it's original, only I have eaten off a bit at the end ;-)
I don't remember, I was absent-minded :-D