this is the undercover cop who did 21 JUMP STREET IRL at my high school and bullied an autistic kid into buying him 0.5 grams of weed then had him arrested during the drug bust that a few of my first friends/acquaintances got caught up in

okay so about that time 21 JUMP STREET HAPPENED IRL AT MY HIGH SCHOOL but it was super fucked and the asshole cop bullied an autistic kid into buying $5 of weed for him then had him arrested

here's a link:


@vantablack doing this would break just about every human rights law here and a teenager would only get a caution for those small amounts of drugs anyway.

We /do/ have cops sometimes visiting and occasionally patrolling high schools (if there have been many bad incidents like actual violence) but they are always in uniform (complete with the funny shaped hats that you might see on movies about the UK)

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