Hello Mastodon. Could you help me out with pointing me to some #freelance resources dealing foss invoicing software and payroll systems? I'd be much obliged!

FOSS Accounting packages seem to be short on something, always.
Payroll is a complex piece of software, withholding tables are constantly changing and if you don't withhold the correct amount you can be subject to significant penalties. I've not found a decent package yet.


@myrmidex to further complicate things every country has different taxation and local quirks with processing finance data, what little FOSS software I've found is either US-centric or only correctly implements accounting requirements for the country the devs are in.

Although not 100% FOSS and Windows based if you are in BE this might be usable (I even used it in UK for a while, although bank reconcilations weren't easy due to us still having cheques!)



Thanks so much for the suggestion. I'll try to get it running on Wine, hopefully that works. I'm just sick of paying through the nose for a payroll service, hence the questions, but I guess that's the price I have to pay for making all this relatively easy to do.

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