As announced I've done some research in the distribution of our mastodon instances regarding the network (AS) they use.

The top five countries with mastodon instances:

- 36 GB
- 356 DE
- 786 FR
- 810 JP
- 1284 US

(full data: )

Top 7 networks:

- 173 INTERQ GMO Internet
- 187 SAKURA-B SAKURA Internet Inc.
- 195 AMAZON-02 -
- 232 DIGITALOCEAN-ASN - DigitalOcean
- 244 ONLINE S.A.S.
- 400 OVH

(full data:


@leah interesting that 11 instances within mainland China's IP address space exist that appear to be able to federate with the West without restriction (a while back as folk over there said you have to register with various authorities to set one up)

I only see regular traffic from the one that posts the cat pictures 😸, but this is most likely because I can't read Chinese so only see these via boosts from others who do...

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