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@envgen the youtube crash last night ended up putting one of your old videos to the top of my recommendations next to a German cover version of Fernando by Abba (alas, I couldn't even play any of them as the whole of YT was kaputt (it was still not working when I went to bed)

It is possible to do this with the online sign generator (curiously although you can get the "eurodoggo" pictogram, € signs aren't allowed (although the way our currency is going it would make little difference.)

The website of British supplier (part of Farnell) has totally crashed (I wanted to buy some replacement keyboards and mouses for work but that will have to wait until it is back up again)

The UK DOCSIS ISP is unavailable in many parts of West and . VM are blaming this on a (which could well be true, given there is one in West London which has been affecting people since 06:30 yesterday!)

Another example of single points of failure (and often many km away from where endusers might expect them to be!)

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I managed to heck a facebook gallery so I didn't need a login, and found the flyer for the houseparty my friends had (and I DJ'd at) in 1993, I was part of this crew and helped put on a bunch of raves with them from 1993 to 1995 (and joined various other crews doing this until 2006 when I left Reading for Ipswich)

the flyer was put together at my work (a big insurance company in the town), using Wordperfect on DOS (those smileys and the pointing hands were in the printer font) 😆

: Why change the 2016 menubar?

Haven't Redmond got more important things to do (like deliver a update that works?)

BTW the reason one of my PC's has the Office UI in Dutch is due to me being an early adopter of Office 2016 when my employers decided to purchase it, I only wanted a spelling/grammar dictionary but it changed the whole UI (at least I can treat it as a free language learning course from Microsoft )

@milan or sometimes even longer (with this one below I just had a blanco space where the image should be - but then came back to uploaded the screenshot after cropping it and now the image is there)

cursed image: allowing the triangle bit of alarm pull cord to snag on hand rail is to be avoided anywhere in WC's!

It is bad as the call system gets stuck on red for the room, (resetting call point doesn't work as the cord switch signals an alarm straight away), noisy for everyone else in the building, distracts nurses/carers and means I get called out on emergency to fix it..

(what should happen is the plastic triangle is put 50-100mm clear of the handrail as in second pic)

Sometimes an old doggo has to use old tricks..

If I don't use this 20+ year old batch file method and stick it in the startup folder of this workstation, only one of the network shares is mapped correctly, other two randomly disconnect and the user is prompted for their login (which is a nuisance as they have already logged in to the domain!)

I shouldn't even have to do that in the 21st century, but so far it actually works and the drives stay mapped..

And here I've closed MobaXterm that was controlling the . DTR and RTS are dropped back to green, showing the serial port is free again but no software is able to currently communicate (dropping DTR often meant hanging up a phone line on a modem)

CTS is still red as the pager TX /could/ still receive data from other software.

The other LEDs DSR (data set ready), DCD (data carrier detect) and RI (ring indicator) are for signal lines used with modems connected to analogue phone circuits..

Now the computer is connected at the other end. TXD is green (on standby) as data can be sent from the computer to the transmiter, DTR (data terminal ready) and RTS (ready to send) have been set by the computer

The pager TX doesn't have these connected, but along with CTS they were widely used for flow control with 1990s era modems (as the data could be send faster than the phone line could handle it, it needed to be buffered somewhere and without flowcontrol some data would be lost).

Some more random stuff (might bring back memories - or something to learn if you are younger)

The pager TX is ready to receive data, CTS (clear to send) is red, that signals to the controller it is OK to send data down the RS232 line.

Not strictly needed as it will only drop (go to green) if the buffer was filling up with >512 byte message (more than most pagers can handle) but can be used to show the controller the cable to the TX is connected..

The TX was originally set up for static on site frequencies which I don't have a license for at home.

I do have a UK-wide Suppliers/Test license from Ofcom which allocates me a load of (shared) VHF/UHF frequencies, so I must use one of 2 frequencies with 25 KHz spacing that allow 4,5 KHz deviation

TX power is set to 3W at the moment (the TX will output 5W I'm allowed 10W but don't want to hog this frequency (I'm quite high up)

potentially 3km or more range 😉

These ART400 (made in England and very good pieces of kit) always require the program enable pin to be grounded on the programming cable (here I'm using a jumper wire and an old PC motherboard connector on the red/black twisted cable) even to just read the config from the EEPROM!

If you /don't/ connect it, the config program returns a comms error and its easy to wrongly suspect the to be acting up (you can see I even reinstalled the usb adapter drivers there!)

En dit is de eindtrap voor de zender van de Boefjes van Enschede 😎 (met freescale (voormalige Motorola RF power devices serie MRF**)/NXP mosfets daarin?)

and this is the endstage of the transmitter of the Boefjes van Enschede, using Freescale (former Motorola power devices MRF series)/NXP mosfets?

Miau, Wau-wau und Tuut! 😸

(ja das stimmt, besonders mit so viele Furries überall durch die ganze Fediverse) 😆

Last month I had to do the electrical safety testing of high risk portable appliances (mostly in the kitchen and janitors stores) and replace an overheated mains socket.

Usually these checks happen its every 1-2 years or so depending on the type of appliance and level of safety risks (class I equipment that requires protective earth is tested more frequently).

Is this only a UK thing, or is it carried out in other countries too?

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