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Alex@rtnVFRmedia Suffolk UK

Whilst the GSM/LTE masts are supposed to be at the top of this high voltage pylon in , those Band II stacked dipoles are *not* 😆

TenneT (grid operator) were not happy and hauled those down, they seized some of the equipment to hand over to Agentschap Telecom, but the pirates somehow managed to recover the endstage with the big MOSFETS (this is usually is the most expensive bit of a pirate transmitter)

This electrical goods shop from Borger is sponsoring the Dumeco Zomerfeest in Drenthe (where they have what appears to be a "legal pirate" station running). It has been around since 1934!

Impressive to still see one of these old skool shops still going (although we still have them here in East Anglia, especially for sales of big TV-sets (looks like Löwe brand has been revived similar to Ferguson in the UK).

Whole road on the route back home is being resurfaced at night, had to dismount and wheel my bike along the pavement (cones all along the side of the road, multiple large vehicles with tar and other stuff and rollers with very bright blue light squares projected from them on the road).

I only took photos from a distance as I didn't want to get in the way of people who are working hard, and thought the blue LED patterns meant "keep clear of here" (indeed they do!)

Guess the name of the dog.

Just as well then, that the bear that was running around downstairs (a pet of a visitor) was smol and no threat to the patients or anyone else 😆 🐻 🐕

I was not alone just now, when I went outside to look at the 😸 🐈

from earlier (a phone camera isn't the best to use for this, and you have to look carefully but it can be seen)


I couldn't find your earlier toot about a satellite uplink but this is the one we used to use at my work - SES Luxembourg, the bird occupies the old orbit of Deutsche (Bundespost) Telekom Kopernikus-1

TBH it was a cursed thing, and I was glad to see the back of it (wasn't too bad at the start of the month but there is *always* 1 second lag (37 000km x 2 RTT) and the speed would drop to about 64k/s as we got to the end of our data allowance..

I didn't have any green patch cables at this site (they are reserved for anything to do with the IP nursecall) and the only ones I might have are at our other site 3km away, so I put this label on the replacement (mostly as a reminder to myself, my other colleague who might go into the comms room is on holiday at the moment anyway)

Sometimes networking is strictly for the birds.. (the LAN cable is for the IP based nursecall system; this one (at the furthest corner of the building at lower ground floor) was reported as not working.

At least the 64m cable run tests OK, I swapped out the patch cable at the other end and it works now (room controller unit for 3 rooms was replaced by the suppliers today but they couldn't get it back on the LAN for some reason..)

This pair of were fighting in the street as I rode back home last night (at the end of the village on a rural road where this could be hard to see for drivers), I stopped my bike and meowed at them both (took about 3 minutes of long low pitched meows and yowling to convince them to find somewhere safer to be, one was yowling back) 😆

* new spokes triple checked
* new disc brake pads installed and brakes checked
* all bolts checked for tightness again
* "bikephone" mount for old Windows phone back on handlebars (bike was inverted again this weekend for further work on the rear wheel)
* LCD display moved to correct position
Just new pedals to install tomorrow AM (too late and dark now), then actually looking forward to riding to work (got a Lenovo laptop waiting there to be set up for one of our managers..)

this PC at work behaves today (it had previously been acting up, lost wired LAN connection (the cable goes through a hole in the cabinet, to a switch in the matrons office.). Butmatrons PC, and VOIP telephone both worked perfectly, and I checked more than once the cable was not defective!

set to fall back to wifi now (a bit slow in that corner of the building but works) and I will replace the patch cable anyway on Monday (the Problembär wallpaper is a reminder to keep an eye on this one 😉 )

good news is spoke repair mostly worked, I could ride to work today (and collect delivery of better spoke key, emergency spoke thing and 6 x extra spokes (albeit 14g but nearer to correct size).

Alas, due to using other spoke key (off by 0,5mm due to metric/imperial confusion) previously, one of the nipples on replaced spokes is rounded/cracked. Was cursing I might have to take apart the wheel *again*, but hopefully if I am careful I can avoid this and just replace the nipple..

also: LCD mounting screw brackets sheared due to plastic fatigue (fixed with "adhemsive" 😆) and behind the accu that covers where the controller sits (temporarily fixed on with insulating tape or similar!).

Curse British roads, that slowly shake every part of your bike to pieces!

Waiting for a reply from manufacturers about ordering replacements..

Last pic is wheel with replacement spokes - I'm no wheelbuilding expert but the tension feels right and there is less "unroundness" than before.

The saga continues - after a long day at work I noticed at least one broken spoke (got home and found 2 others 🙁 ) (not immediately obvious if wheel is untrue due to disc brakes!)

This is not unusual with ebikes, thankfully I had some similar spares (albeit silver rather than black,and maybe 1,5 mm shorter) I bought a few years ago for the previous e-bike, so as well as replacing these I did change the cassette as it (and the rotor!) both had to be removed! >>

A Shimano cassette lockring remover tool certainly deserves Tatort/CSI ruler treatment, €20 for a piece of steel (same in UK, NL and DE) is near criminal!

one good thing is motor cable isn't on same side as cassette (as on other hub motor ), that limits the type of tool you can use as the cable must then go through the hole in the middle!

I'm not in such a great hurry to replace the cassette anyway as I don't use the 11t cog that much but at least I now have all the bits..

I also learned how to bleed the disc brakes, you must pay attention to all open ports being totally upright (or more air gets in), sometimes the caliper must be taken off for this (and you put a block into it to keep the pistons in correct position).

Unfortunately no pics of actual syringes/hoses as my hands were by now full with mineral oil and I didn't want it also on my mobile phone!

The brakes also need new pads soon so those are on order for tomorrow..

: when replacing a
chain, don't do what I did and misthread the chain through the derailleur. It should go under the top pulley but *above* the metal bit below it !

At least I had the sense to only test the near to home, I did think it was unusually noisy, and so swiftly turned back and corrected this.

Still getting sklips on 11t cog if pedalling hard so alas, the cassette may need replacing, but I rarely use that gear anyway (hard on knees, I got an ebike to avoid that!)

I didn't have to do any on-site work today, so was able replace the e-bike chain today.

it is is longer than a normal pushbike, for first replacement I must buy *two* chains and use 100mm of the second (the rest can be used for next time, I only need to buy one new chain).

There is a big "NO!" in the instructions and repeated warning in several languages against reusing pins, hence two connecting links (on the pushed out pin there is a sharp bit of metal, I decided not to take any chances!)>>

managed to patch up my old work laptop (with flaky LCD screen) using gaffer tape (!) to the extent that it no longer acts up as much.

Today it (along with touchscreen monitor that needed replacement 12V PSU) was successfully used for weekly meeting with NHS staff at main town hospital as workstation for patient database (in this setup it uses the large touchscreen only as otherwise the mapping is strange and both screens are activated at once)