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A coincidence is this photo from work last week (a new remote display panel for the nurse call alarms). It doesn't have an internal device number in its EEPROM yet.

I'm sure y'all can guess which button has to be pressed to assign it one 😸

It worked 😎 (at 07:00 the nurse call control switches to day mode so the 4 other corridor displays have buzzers active again). The output is from a really rough bit of python code that literally just appends each line to a text file (and gets manually processed via Excel for reporting purposes, ofc there are much more elegant ways of dealing with it but I haven't got round to coding them yet).

Now I might even get a few hours kip lol..

a loud alarm in this video, mind your ears/speakers.. Show more

a loud alarm in this video, mind your ears/speakers.. Show more

The matron now asked for some of the nurse call buzzers to be reactivated - some people were not always looking at their pagers (or the flashing red/green lights!!) and didn't notice a priority alarm, but I managed to reprogram the system to set auto night mode so only the wing where the nurses office is has buzzers after 22:00 (at 07:00 they reactivate again) but priority alarms sound the buzzers in every corner of the building ++

Working late last night to reconfigure the nurse call (to make it less noisy in the corridors) and install the new patients telephone was a good move, today 3 more patients arrived (if I was up the ladder in daytime to get at overdoor lamps) it would get in the way of moving the patients in, and the new arrival who requested a telephone already has it on their bedside table ☎️

This is the RS232 data logger for the nursecall, it is called "snakehead" because its a written in 😆 🐍

There were not enough ambulances earlier today to transport the new patient from the main hospital to their room - but at least they have the VOIP telephone ready for tomorrow - and I found a decent provider (patients phones are independent of our Asterisk system), so provisioning and testing was fairly painless (unusual for multiple SIP devices on the same site behind NAT firewall)

The nurse call got tested too (all the patients in adjacent rooms were stll awake and watching football!)

Not sure why these suppliers decided to ship the telephone and the PSU in *two* separate large boxes from two different couriers (the delivery charge is the same and they managed to meet the next day delivery promise, but it surely doesn't make financial sense to do this
- and now I have to haul all this cardboard to the trash container!)

No wonder so many UK hardware suppliers go out of business and I have to keep looking for new ones!

The pagers I got from TW are working well, so the matron asked me to turn down local sounders inside nurse call control panel, corridor displays and some overdoor lights (or it is noisy through whole building and scares the patients)

There are about 15 such lights, so I spent much of this evening up a ladder (and explained to any patients who were awake and visitors what I was doing too)

The equipment is still made in England - 1980s/90s era tech but more reliable than IP based systems!

Sometimes RF can be a "black art" -The two newer DECT repeaters on the ground floor at work were acting up, causing the handsets to intemittently lose registration to the base, I had to shut them off!

But I checked call audio quality across the building and the system works well (without excessive gaps in coverage) with the two remaining ones on the top floor of the new extension. Yet all 4 previously worked, possibly something Gigaset did with new firmware to "improve" repeater operation ❓

On the way back home, I was also able to test the range of the small based transmitter that is in an upstairs room of my house, connected to a Linux server.

The output power is only about +17 dBm (50mW), but I can reliably trigger the pager 0,6 km away!

A traditional British zebra crossing in

The orange flashing lamps at each end of the crossing are called Belisha beacons, and are named after former Transport Minister Leslie Hore-Belisha, who introduced many road safety measures in the mid 20th century.

It is a traffic violation not to give way to pedestrians, or to park a vehicle on the zigzag lines each side of the crossing. If it is near a primary school, there is sometimes a lollipop lady/man who holds up a STOP sign as well.

it is quiet in town on Sunday so on the way to the opticians I could take photos without feeling awkward about infringing other peoples privacy (these aren't the prettiest photos as the skies were getting dark dark and there was rain and hail earlier in the day!)

There is the old maltings and some posh flats by the river, a statue of Cardinal Wolsey and his cat, and a medieval building + Victorian post box in Silent street

No awoo : cops from the region I used to live "arrest" an escaped wolf (he is returned safely to the animal sanctuary though which is good) 🐺

I think I can blame Redmond for me buying a load of junk food today, as I need it to keep me going whilst this new workstation for the nurses is set up (now downloading the latest Win10 update, there have already been two since I started working on it earlier this evening)

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re discourse on generations (X/Y , Millenials etc) - I got sent this survey by a supplier of construction/building materials and tools that operates in UK and NL.

The age ranges (used for all genders) appear to be tailored towards folk who would be doing this (physically intensive) work and because of this don't quite match the generation labels for other marketing but you can see the division between "youth" / "early middle age" / "later middle age" and "seniors"

You would think that a legally purchased album of traditional Volksmusik, produced and curated by and played by their chamber orchestra (with more acoustic/traditional instruments) and then sold through Amazon (who have had presence in .de for decades) would *not* have *standard* German characters in the filenames all mangled?! (yet the rest of the MP3 metadata is correct!)

Sounds like the dodgy cable at #648 KHz is now fixed; just heard "Olivers Army" by Elvis Costello followed by "Start me up" from the Rolling Stones (windows 95 ad music 😆 ) which seems strangely fitting given the global situation and all the kerfuffle with Intel etc atm 😆 (curiously hearing what sounds like "Britpop" on Caroline makes does actually make me feel old 👴🏽 (even though it turns out to be a 2018 track from a young band in East Anglia!)