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'Stacking concrete blocks is a surprisingly efficient way to store energy' by Akshat Rathi

there's something really wonderful & funny about the confluence of high & low technology, the obvious & the innovative, in this concept–storing excess energy grid capacity in gravitational batteries, the potential energy of concrete blocks that you've lifted up really high.

LB: The Apple store at is , after an Ipad battery exploded!

3 employees have been treated by Emergency Services for the after effects of breathing in toxic smoke/fumes.


One thing I feel is a big contributor to burnout is being too focused on the "anti" aspect of left struggle. Being anti-capitalist, anti-racist, etc. Obviously, being those things is good, but defining yourself too heavily by being the antithesis of the status quo is an exhausting endeavor. Try to direct more energy to the post-capital restructuring, and anchor yourself on what you believe in as well. Universal access to material security, education, healthcare, etc. A better world is coming!

@jbond there was at least for SMS, on Windows phones in UK which did exactly that (I've now only got one working one that I still use, but I'd get a SMS on one device and it would be mirrored to all the others

it wasn't a documented feature by Microsoft (and only worked with their phones) but presumably it was accepted by Ofcom (who ultimately own the mobile phone numbers here) so it is technically possible..

@nico minus beard you look way younger, maybe even mid 20s (apologies if you *are* only in mid 20s..)

your new look would fit in if you were trying to be cool landlord of bar inspired by mid 1980s punk/goth/indie aesthetic....

@frankiesaxx one difference is the fediverse is not as much intended for /private/ comms as such (better tools exist for that), there usually a "view sample timeline",
so each instance is fairly easy to assess on its merits (or otherwise).

There is risk of instance owner burning out/running out of energy/resources (with or without drama, already happened at least twice) but that occurs loads with other projects esp social nets (Bebo in UK, are two fairly recent examples)

@frankiesaxx although I've encountered situations where even if no one knows one another personally, various nationalist factors do seem to play a part (my employers legitimately email lots of foreign countries).

Also I've seen many smart people here who set up DIY mailservers saying "you *must* jump through all the hoops the big companies expect for your DNS setting etc, otherwise all your email is immediately rejected as spam (they are not doing any bad stuff at all with their server)

* wants to present some weekly stats as well :3 :tchncs:

@alios @rixx @raichoo

I am 46 now and so many of my high school friends who were into tech just took jobs with defence/aerospace industry (was still Cold War era) without any thought to political consequences, I drifted apart from many friends because of this, and the British tech industry is still heavily dependent on defence/surveillance/corporate friendly tech (the Raspberry Pi was a happy accident from this, basically "leftovers from the table")

@alios @rixx @raichoo

TBH I look from across the North Sea slightly enviously at how CCC developed over 30+ years (yes I am "Tekno-Opa" from that generation 😆 )

in my country (UK) far fewer hackspaces exist, in my town everything is like "commercial makerspace" dominated by white, older middle aged men who have the spare time and energy (closer to the German subculture of model aircrafts/railways than CCC)

those of my age often talk about politics more as we saw this happening >>

@frankiesaxx to be fair, this also routinely happens in corporate world/business emails

Equally though I don't enjoy trying to explain to endusers why/how this might happen, or what is meant by DNS, SPF record, domain whitelist etc or whatever other cursed thing I have to do to get the emails flowing again, and unless you do have tech background its not the sort of thing you might even think of anyway..

@gemlog @c1t7

I used to have this on 7" (bought as original when I was 7 years old, even then I was into synthpop 😆 )

Bunnies in tiny crowns, boost for awareness

here is Sharlene S. Shark, independent contractor for Suricrasia Online, working the reel-to-reel machine

This power plug has old-school depictions of a laptop computer and mobile phone