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drugs (pot) and police suspicion Show more

Drugs, MDMA, questionable decisions Show more

Drugs, MDMA, questionable decisions Show more

Drugs, MDMA, questionable decisions Show more

PSA : Drugs, MDMA Show more

PSA : Drugs, MDMA Show more

PSA : Drugs, MDMA Show more

PSA : Drugs, MDMA Show more

@vantablack correction, quit around end 2017 (but I am not dead or dying yet, even if I am old and forget even how to count correctly)

@vantablack I smoked from 1988 to 2016, which could be longer than your own lifetime.

After various (thankfully treatable) health scares in recently years (not 100% smoking related but it probably doesn't help recover) I have managed to stick with vaping (also, $15 for 20 cigs is also a big disincentive to start again).

If you stop before your middle age much of the bad effects are reversible..

@vantablack cocaine was legal in the UK until 1920s, you could just go into a pharmacy and buy it no questions asked (as well as loads of other stuff for home science experiments that would get you nicked by anti terrorist feds today), he also had his own science lab in the corner of his study..

since @djsundog is posting about hypertext again, the i help system is hypertext on a 5250 green screen

@er1n last night I was watching a German kids show from 1980s "Meister Eder und Sein Pumuckl" about this old Bavarian carpenter who befriends and looks after a young Kobold

(a further joke is Pumuckl ending up in Bayern in the first place as its hundreds of km away from the coast).

Worth a watch if you can follow German (alas, it was never dubbed into English)

BTW the show its as recent as 1988 even if it looks more like 1970s

Berlin AfD rally swamped by protesters Show more

Cold take:

I understand that you find it funny that Google Translate tells you that Pikachu translates to Batman in Fillipino but that's not the result of an accurate translation, it's just people feeding false data to Google Translate for the sake of memes (anyone can correct and change words on it) but there are people who actually need translation services and you're making it shittier for them so please don't do that, stick to inspect element or image editing software for this stuff thx

@vantablack i
honestly can't *imagine* a sort of person who'd match up with / be ok with all of that wtf

@vantablack the worst part of it is that although such a listing isn't even illegal in countries with anti-discrimination laws, *very* few people could live up to *all* these standards (not even many religious folk).

Its like the housing rental rules in run down areas of England from the 1970s and even then those became a national joke (there were whole TV comedy series made about these places) and was in part why we ended up with anti dicrimination laws in the first place..

anyone who puts that on a listing is automatically an asshat

"No smoking, no vaping, no drinking, no drugs, no overnight guests and no couples. Must have good credit, references and have a job."

asking the impossible