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The power supply comes in a plush velvet case???

Hey, so my husband got his lay-off notice today. He was the brewer at Mendocino Brewing Company.

Do any of you socialists know how to put together a worker's coop? Because it is absolutely ridiculous that the brewery is standing on one side of a locked door, and everyone who knows how to brew and bottle beer is on the other.

#TIL that the term "scientist” was coined in honor of an amazing woman, Mary Somerville.

“He called Somerville a scientist, in part because ‘man of science’ seemed inappropriate for a woman, but more significantly because Somerville’s work was interdisciplinary.”

Very cool. #science

Wherein one of the developers of Dance Dance Revolution offers to release a baremetal c graphics library he developed for the game and ported to the pi

Wherein said developer drops the code

my first computer was a windows 95 era toshiba satellite laptop that my neighbor lent me, i guess bc he was sorry for me that my family couldnt afford a computer? the laptop had no working battery so i could only use it at home, and because he'd bought it in japan (presumably while he was on tour being eric clapton's guitar tech?) it had a japanese keyboard & i think quite a lot of the OS (but not all) was in japanese??

but I LOVED THAT COMPUTER. it was my pride & joy!!

so I uh have a PCI ISDN BRI card.
I have no fucking idea if I could use that to use an asterisk as an uplink for another PBX using ISDN E1 (I guess no haha)

Gummibärchen selber machen - bio, vegan und lecker

Selbst gemachte Gummibärchen schmecken nicht nur natürlicher, sie sind auch schnell zubereitet. Egal ob bio, vegan oder ohne Zucker: Das Grundrezept lässt sich beliebig nach deinem Geschmack abwandeln.
[ #Gesundheit #Ernährung #Vegan ]

TFW there is FR, DE, NL and EN all in my timeline (which is normal); but the meme to reintroduce Þ into EN toots now leads to think wÞf new language is * Þat*?

linguists in 100 years: "we're not exactly sure WHY þe þorn was introduced to þe english alphabet circa 2020, all we know is that it seems to have originated on a somewhat obscure (at þe time) decentralized social media platform

Let's bring back þe letter þ!

You might ask: what is þ?

It's a single letter þat makes þe sound "th."

It has a capital variant, Þ.

Þis is someþing þat we all need in our lives.

It can also make cool emoticons like :þ.

data is code, and code is data. when you give data to large corporations, you are coding for them without being paid.

Internet: connect sync via a 560ohm resistor


Those dogs are smarter than several of my classmates back in tech school - that's a classic 4-Way Bridge Rectifier design if I ever saw one :)

Medical IT Manager/Security Officer by day, builder/tinkerer/musician/diver/audio-engineer/jack-of-all trades by night. Love puffy and the #OpenBSD community. Followed here from birdsite. 21 years in IT.

Been writing/using daemons for the things I make since I decided I wanted to learn to develop on puffy. Not a lot of time to work on them, and need to learn packaging, but they works and I've learned a bunch. for a bit more about me and what i do when i have time.

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