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You can get an impression of my journey with Bike via Train to work on pixelfed (saves volume with only one upload for me, workaround until federation is up and running)

As is a bit slow to strange... good morning from here.

Just synchronized my follower lists. So don't be irritated. This is my backup account...

Schönen Guten Morgen von meinem Backup account.
(Sprich ist mal wieder nicht über die Nacht gekommen :-( )

Hallo follower, ich habe gerade meine followerlisten in meinem backup account hier aktualisiert.

Just updated my follower lists here on my backup account.

@irgendwiejuna @_winterdienst

Nehmt mich hier auch auf eure Followerliste... und andere Bonner angebote sind gerade offline...

200 cats in a board win the ... OK not my choice... will skip radio and stay on spotify with :-)

Es wäre definitiv einfacher, Minuspunkte zu vergeben. Sieger wäre, wer am nächsten an der schwarzen 0 bleibt.

Der Sieger dürfte dann mit den Franzmännern "Merci, Merci" trällern - die Neuauflage des französichen Erfolgsbeitragen "Moustache, Moustache" -
oder lieber gleich "Merde, Merde"?


#eurovision last year 12 people voted in mastovision and this year there's nearly four times as many so far so that's pretty cool

My Mastovision vote:
🇭🇺 12 points
🇲🇩 10 points
🇨🇿 8 points
🇪🇪 7 points
🇳🇱 6 points
🇧🇬 5 points
🇫🇮 4 points
🇫🇷 3 points
🇦🇹 2 points
🇦🇱 1 point

Reminder that you (yes, you!) can give DOUZE POINTS to your favorite tonight on our fediverse-local voting page
#Eurovision #Mastovision

#Eurovision #Mastovision hacked some quick-n-dirty CSS to make the table narrower on narrow viewports. I hope it doesn't cause problems for anyone. You can still tap the flags to get the country name

So far, 10 ballots have been submitted by 27 registered users! #Mastovision #Eurovision

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