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Thank you! More than 18.000 people and 151 organisations signed the "Public Money? Public Code!" letter!
But we won't stop here. Read about other achievements and the next steps in our shared mission:


@ices @DebXWoody In ein paar Wochen bekomme ich einen Vergleichstest Librem 15 vs. TUXEDO InfinityBook Pro. Das könnte interessant werden.

heise online hat das Open-Source-Projekt "Embetty" entwickelt, um Webseiten-Besucher vor dem Datenhunger von Social-Media-Sites zu schützen.… #Datenschutz #Embetty #GoogleNewsInitiative #SocialMedia

Richard Stallman, RMS, on Privacy, Data, and Free Software - - "No company is so important that its existence justifies setting up a police state. And a police state is what we’re heading toward."

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