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Digital enslavement of humanity is progressing quickly.

Once upon a time computers served humans. Now it won't be long before the tables will have turned completely. Humans will be nothing like trained monkeys, kept alive for a single purpose: to do the dirty work that has to be done to please the algorithms.

Wollte natürlich sagen "Vermutung", nicht "Theorie" 😉

I just had a math moment proving something trivial that opened a door. ✌️

There's actually some overflow, the arcs are drawn with decreasing radius, which at some point gets < 0 and then it starts to overdraw existing arcs, so even more arcs than ring levels here, have to adjust the delta!

Plotting some hidden complexity. Actually just for debugging 😉

People: You can't fool everyone.

Trump: Hold my comb ...

Just broke my Emacs with a package update, you shouldn't update anything if you have real work to do, argghh! :angry_trump:

This part is though to code, I'll go for a run and hope for some light bulb moment... ⚡

Now all that's left is the code and a good data structure to find the shortest path ...

Now change ➖ to ➕ and you get the values for the crossing tangents, I'm lovin' it!

Just spent 2 hours or so to deduce this formula:

cos(ɑ) = (r₁ - r₂)/d₁₂

Now that I have the result I immediately spotted the triangle in my drawing -- which could have gotten me the result in 5 seconds 🤦

OK, going with . Drawing the whole canvas is always slow. And with blit() etc. it's fast enough. And what can beat the crispness of python code anyway?

Do you see the path? No path yet, because a path requires a start and end point (and still more code...) 😛

Also, half of the possible shortest paths are still missing (8-shaped path around every pair, also requires more code still...).

"It's in the Berlin area and it's near the new airport" sagte heute zum Standort der neuen in Deutschland. OK, er spekuliert sicher darauf, dass die Fabrik auf die Start- und Landebahnen erweitert werden kann, soblad klar ist dass der BER abgerissen werden muss. 🤣 🤣 🤣

Wanted to give another chance, but wow is this stuff slow! Not to mention the docs, which are still terrible 😔 Might be way better of using HTML canvas and write custom drawing code! 😛 Just don't want to use java.awt again, though the performance there (with custom drawing code) was really good I have to admit 😉

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