F-ed up cartoon 

I just watched a cartoon series that makes South Park look like Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.

Paradise PD on Netflix is... It cannot be unseen.

Sitting in the ER while my partner gets checked out. Nothing immediately serious. But intestines are weird like that.

Watching the briefing of the Shanann Watts case in Colorado. Hopefully I don't puke.

Children who lived with smokers are more likely to die of lung disease as adults, study says https://t.co/fMWyMHhkRn

Eh les connards, vous voudriez pas vous mettre tous sur une instance perso, qu'on puisse vous bloquer tous en même temps ? Au lieu de polluer mastodon.social

RT @yarbro@twitter.com: This map blacks out the counties where majority of people didn’t vote. Tennessee turnout of eligible voters is particularly & embarrassingly low. h/t @johnastoehr@twitter.com

🐦🔗: twitter.com/yarbro/status/1029

Within 10 seconds of joining this service, I feel so freaking free.


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