Hey @switchingsocial,
I'm looking for an (ideally FOSS) alternative to TeamViewer.

I need to support less tech-savvy people using Windows as well as Linux on their computers - and of course it would be great to serve all of them using the same tool...
Most of the host systems don't have a static IP address, and I'm afraid I can't VPN into their local LANs.
Any idea?

Please feel free to retoot - I'm looking forward to any suggestions :mastogrin:

Hi @Cedara
Thanks for recommending the article!

When I'm looking for an alternative to the proprietary solutions (TeamViewer, AnyDesk, Ammyy Admin, RealVNC, Chrome Remote Desktop...), 😒
the count of choices from the article drops to 4 (No. 7 to 10) - and as far as I understand, these all need either some kind of manipulation on the router (DynDNS + Port Forwarding) or VPN in order to access computers behind a NAT? 😟

Please tell me if I'm I missing something here? Thanks! 😊

@tetrapyloctomist @switchingsocial@mastodon.at @Cedara I don't see Cedara's link, but... Yeah, things that don't have a centralized server infrastructure to send your connection through a NAT are going to need some kind of router manipulation or a VPN. :(

I'd be wary of exposing your less tech-savvy friends' and relatives' machines to the internet via port forwarding, myself. A VPN would be the more secure choice.


@Cedara @tetrapyloctomist @switchingsocial@mastodon.at

Yeah. The problem is establishing the connection between the two machines. A lot of those links are for services with a centralized server infrastructure in order to make the connection through NATs, etc.

I was going to suggest that you might get more traction out of looking for alternatives to LANdesk, but that was worse. This is maybe closer to your use case. reddit.com/r/sysadmin/comments

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