If you have a strict system umask on your server, but you want to install a python tool accessible for everyone to a custom location, check out the pip module docs. There is a parameter to set a custom umask for the particular pip task.

Challenge for today: Migrate my static Ansible inventory file to a dynamic inventory script for . Need to check how the group handling will work through a parsed "Notes" filed on the PVE Guest.

Lessons learned today: If you are templating connection strings in Ansible you should use jinja's "urlencode" filter to avoid url parsing issues.

Do you miss some tasks in the default Ansible Molecule setup for your provider?

No worries, basically Molecule uses plain Ansible to provision/deprovision your test instance. You can inject whatever you need:


It's done now. All my Ansible roles are now auto documented and also auto tested with Molecule thanks to great projects.


For everyone working with Ansible, I have written a small tool to generate role documentation from static role files and annotation-like comments.


Hopefully someone else will find it helpful. Pull Requests, Issues, Ideas are welcome :)


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