Does the know a or who could help me create a simple but unique logo for my personal blog as well as for some small projects? All projects are non-profit, so it shouldn't be too expensive 😄

Because docker/compose does not provide a usable service manager, I've extended my personal tool box:

Let's see how it will work together

The project (selfhosting carddav/caldav solution) is currently looking for some new core maintainers.

If you would like to work on an awesome project and (in best case) you are familar with please join us.

Please re-toot and share it in your community if you want to help.

Do you miss some tasks in the default Ansible Molecule setup for your provider?

No worries, basically Molecule uses plain Ansible to provision/deprovision your test instance. You can inject whatever you need:

It's done now. All my Ansible roles are now auto documented and also auto tested with Molecule thanks to great projects.

For everyone working with Ansible, I have written a small tool to generate role documentation from static role files and annotation-like comments.

Hopefully someone else will find it helpful. Pull Requests, Issues, Ideas are welcome :)


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