If you have a strict system umask on your server, but you want to install a python tool accessible for everyone to a custom location, check out the pip module docs. There is a parameter to set a custom umask for the particular pip task.

If someone else is also looking for a service discovery for I've implemented basic one in . Releases are available on GitHub, PyPi and Docker Hub. Happy 🚨


WTF of the day: cryptography:

- requires Rust since a few releases
- doesn't provide wheels for Alpine Linux
- doesn't provide armv7 wheels for supported distributions
- rust version provided by nearly every distro is too old for cryptography
- I wanted to use latest rust on armv7/python:3.9-alpine docker container to build cryptography
- `rustup` does not work on armv7

Really?! That's one of those days 🤬

Even though managing dependencies and packaging applications is still not that easy, poetry works much better today than I expected 🤓

The project (selfhosting carddav/caldav solution) is currently looking for some new core maintainers.

If you would like to work on an awesome project and (in best case) you are familar with please join us.


Please re-toot and share it in your community if you want to help.

For everyone working with Ansible, I have written a small tool to generate role documentation from static role files and annotation-like comments.


Hopefully someone else will find it helpful. Pull Requests, Issues, Ideas are welcome :)

Should testfiles be part of a wheel release package? I've discussed this with some people but didn't find a "best practice"...


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