Does anyone outside Germany (and colonies, including Austria and parts of Switzerland) use FritzBox or even knows what FritzBox is?

@yngmar "colonies, including Austria and parts of Switzerland"...dude, that statement's bizarre 😮

@yngmar Well, kinda incorrect, too but we all know there are no Austrians muss less Swiss around in this place who could challenge you to a duel...

@yngmar I wish we could without giving up phone and TV. We might just anyway, if our building installs a satellite

@yngmar Austria as German colony, wait didn't somebody in history had this idea too? 🤔

Yeah, sometimes Austrian ex-pats seem to develop such fantasies after migrating to other countries @jr :mastoface_with_rolling_eyes:

AFAIK AVM was always focused on upper shelf products (my first AVM product in 1997 was a second hand active ISDN card that had cost the first owner more than 1.000 DM 🤯) and never really anticipated to enter the international market for cheap plastic routers, @yngmar


I'm american and roughly know what fritzbox is, mostly because I read about mesh networking systems around the world. Never seen one in person though.

@yngmar it's the ISP-issued router for me in the Netherlands

@yngmar they were issued by Zen Internet in UK, and I had to deploy one at a community radio station in Felixstowe I was doing work at as their circuit was upgraded from ADSL to VDSL and we didn't have any other VDSL modem available.

It wasn't really used with the Fritzbox functionality but was feeding the Draytek router which was previously in use there via a LAN port set as DMZ...

The former isp xs4all in the Netherlands uses fritzbox and the new isp freedom does as well.

@yngmar As a german person you may want to delete that colony posting rather quickly because that is not received well anywhere in the world.

@MacLemon you german? Because your sense of humor seems to indicate so.

@calm_bomb Following an insult to two countries with an add hominem attack surely shows that one has understood the problem. No further statements needed.

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