#Mozilla begrudgingly implements tracking protection by default, after being shamed into it yet again by Safari, the DuckDuckGo browser, and Gnome Web (just the ones I know who implemented it first) and talks a good talk while still having Google as its default search engine and continuing to get hundreds of millions from Google/Alphabet, Inc. – the largest surveillance capitalist in the world. (Mozilla Corp is ~entirely funded by surveillance capitalism.)



@aral I think, we should decentralize the search.
We need a p2p general-purpose search engine with our own crawlers, written in something native and efficient (like Rust) so that anyone can install and run their own copy, and, importantly, with clean and easy UX plus the name snappier than Google.

DuckDuckGo, good as they may be now, are still a central organization.
Sometime, google had "don't be evil" motto too.


@drequivalent I fully agree - up to that "Rust" thing. The more I look into it, the more I think that the whole P2P thing only will succeed as soon as it is *actually* P2P and so eliminated hosting for arbitrary non-tech users, in other words getting it to run mustn't be more complex than, in example, installing an app on a smartphone or a web browser on a desktop PC. Maybe that would even work...?

@z428 @aral You know that Rust compiles into a machine code binary that you just run, do you? With things like Java, you need a virtual machine and also it's wasteful when it comes to resources. We need the leanest shit we can get.

@drequivalent Yes. 🙂 Actually I like Rust a lot. And we could go on for ages arguing about why Java sucks and why loads of people (including "my" business environment) still use it. But my point was different: We need the leanest shit we can get, but we should *very* much focus on "being lean" on a wholly different level. My ideal end user couldn't care less which language is used to implement this - it should be as easily accessible as somewhat possible, no matter the language used. 😉

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