The age of cheap information threatens to drown us in complacency. Knowledge will always outweigh information.
If Brazil's treasures burning teach this era anything, it should be to renew a dedication to the cultivation of knowledge in pursuit of wisdom.

Wikipedia and Google delude many into thinking all human knowledge has been made available to our immediate access.
This is a dangerous lie.
Any scholar will tell you of the vast amount of documents and artifacts completely unavailble online, or indeed impossible to easily scan or study online.
And this silent wealth pales before the oral and analog culture which, in a McLuhanian dimension, can not be simply digitized and maintain integrity.


@Shufei Fully agree. The ony thing I'd like to add here: Wikipedia and Google shouldn't possibly delude us into thinking all knowledge *is* available online. They should focus on providing tools to preserve at least the majority of written, printed, paper-based artifacts that otherwise are fragile, expensive to keep "alive" and (as we see in Brazil) easily to be destroyed by a variety of environmental conditions and accidents - fire, climate, water damage, ... .

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