Notes just before breakfast: I really *got* to get thoughts sorted relating to , cloud computing, privacy and innovation. Currently feeling a bit lost between rejecting large platforms for the sake of keeping personal data somehow "safe" - and actually embracing them because, even in the world with all the Unix heritage, we *always* thought it is a good idea to stand on the shoulder of giants rather than re-inventing the whell all over and over again... 😐 Thoughts welcome.


Well I have quit Facebook but not twitter (which I rarely use) or Google. However I did set up a private email account on protonmail and this mastodon dot social acct which is now my main social media acct along with my wordpress blog.

I guess I feel like host what you can, take advantage of what you need to, cut off the worst offenders as soon as you are able.

@hhardy01 Agree mostly with this, for personal stuff. However, just am in a technical conference and once again learnt that one of our competitors (who is by magnitudes larger than we are, with globally distributed dev and engineering teams) runs entirely off Amazon AWS - "*of course* because nothing else even remotely would make sense if you want availability, reliability, processes and trained security people available all the time". This again and again gets me thinking...

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