The world needs more quiet, decent, doubtful, witty and empathic persons. Right now, there's no lack of noisy, demanding and offensive people who are constantly trying to claim way too much "space" in any conversation. It's a repeating mess, in each and every context, all social networks included. 😐

@z428 my brother is that first kind of person. he is sooooper smart but humble, kind, and generous. I'm a vile braggard, hedonistic malcontent, user and abuser.

@whippedcream Nice to meet you, anyway. πŸ˜‰ Actually, the fact that you manage to write things like these about yourself leaves you more than just a bit excused. πŸ™‚

@z428 I wish I could just stay off the Internet, but socializing IRL is prohibitively expensive.

@z428 The current Zeitgeist of the internet mostly rewards attention seeking so it's no wonder we are in this situation

@Halbeard You're probably right. But I sometimes feel sad these patterns even make their way to beyond the large platforms. Why don't people ask more questions anymore? Why take people themselves so extremely serious? Things could be so much easier... 😐

@z428 You should keep in mind that more quiet people are usually less inclined to use social media in the first place (myself being anecdotal evidence for that). This skews the perception even more towards noisy people, similar to how debates on the internet always lead to echo chambers where only the personally accepted opinion appears prevalent.

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