Looking for recommendations on documenting network, systes, services.

Requirements would be:

- Should give a quick overview: What hosts are on the network? Which services run on which host on which ports? How do they depend upon each other?

- Should be easily editable (for developers) and provide a visual representation (for support and operations folks).

- Should support some kind of versioning.

- Optional: Supports links to wiki, git, ... .

How do you do these things?


...well the first part made me think of nmap ...but I get it right, you don't want to discover, what is in your network, you already know that, right? - Just "just" want to document it.
No ideas on that, sorry!


@el_joa Ok, thanks nevertheless. 🙂 I've been reading through and thought about following that approach, but in order to make it *really* work for our environment would need a few modifications and process around, and I sort of thought this might be a problem already solved as I can't imagine I'm the only one with these requirements. 😉

@tpheine Hmmm, already had that on my list but it seems more a "replacement" for tools like nagios and zabbix (which is what we currently use) which do well in terms of uptime and problem monitoring but seem less helpful for documentation. Thanks nevertheless! 🙂

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