Feeling pretty guilty for blocking users out here for the first time... maybe I'll change as soon as I feel less likely to respond to or feel annoyed by the stuff they repeatedly tend to throw in here (and the total arrogance in these posts).

@z428 don't feel guilty for blocking!

the tool is there for a reason

and also it's MUCH nicer to use the tools available to curate your own experience than it is to berate other people and demand they change their use

that said, mute is pretty effective too, and filter mutes, if don't want a total block but really just don't want to see someone/certain topics in your lines

@frankiesaxx It still feels a bit nasty, especially after having me complaining about right that not too long ago. But it just gets exhausting. Same as elsewhere: Negative publications rather than providing options. Warning and cursing rather than helping and "enabling" people. I'm so tired of that. 😐

@z428 i'm an unrepentant blocker as a user and i think that's totally fine

i want admins of multiuser servers to be cautious about blocking but i think users should block fucking everything if that's gonna make their social media better

like i don't want a streaming provider to refuse to make available content (beyond required by law) but i 100% endorse end users having & using tools to control what reaches them

@z428 also it helps one of my resolutions this year was to clean out my social media of toxicity/negativity/feel bad content and be unrepentant about filtering

i think some guilt feelings are b/c social messaging - often by people who are pushing negative/toxic/feel bad content - that this message is IMPORTANT and it's LIVING IN A BUBBLE to filter them out

i'm totally okay with my leisure social time being a bubble of ppl i like where i feel good

@frankiesaxx Maybe you're right..... Maybe I just need to get used to it. 😉

@z428 it's weird because it seems like there is a lot of social pressure for servers to block and for individual users to not filter / block which seems backwards

@frankiesaxx Yes. While I just feel a bit bad about blocking myself on a user level, server-sided blocking leaves me a lot more concerned.

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