folks: What's the recommended way of installing language packs with firefox-mozilla-build?

@z428 apt-get install firefox-l10n-XX where XX is the lang code 😊

@ShinIce Does that work for the -mozilla repos / builds as well? Debian Testing seems to default to Firefox ESR...

@z428 can't say for the Mozilla repo 😕 switch to Sid and dist-upgrade. I'm there since years without problem and esr has gone away 😉

@ShinIce Hmmmmmm, I've been on a machine where I wasn't comfortable with using Debian Sid. Used Debian Sources List generator and the UbuntuZilla repo which however seems to come without localizations. Well well well. Gonna look at this again. 🙂 Testing only seems to have firefox-esr.

What do you mean by "firefox-mozilla-build" ?

(I never use localization/language packs so it's doubtful I could help, but maybe others have problems interpreting your question as well)

'firefox' and 'firefox-l10n-de' are build from the same source (add '-esr' if you use the ESR version), but I'm assuming you already figured that out.

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