integration of surely *does* seem to move on. Now if I only manage to find a meaningful mobile client for that... @Tusky ? @tom79 ? 🙂


@tom79 Well, I can't connect to the instance using . Should this be possible? "Just" trying to add this as a new account didn't work, so far.

@tom79 Friendica version seems 3.6 - 1256 , fedilab is the latest off Google Play...

@tom79 On closer look, maybe that's simply too old for that. I'll see to upgrade it to a recent version and try again...

@z428 @tom79 The latest stable release 2019.01 definitely works with Fedilab, I tried it. But the web UI is quite usable as well.

@gaab Yes, confirm it works with an up-to-date friendica installation. Nice job. 🙂 @tom79

I use Friendica already with Fedilab. I am sure @tom79 can find the issue.

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