My alma mater is setting up "lifetime email accounts" for alumni. Which seems nice, and makes sense for them trying to get their message out with a connection directly to alumni.

I'm surprised that email accounts haven't become more of a thing with most people having a mail client that will combine multiple accounts (their phone).

Imagine if your doctor gave you an account where you could send/receive messages. If they never left the server and used secure protocols to connect it'd work.

I'm surprised (and annoyed) that universities have refused to play the role they had for e-mail for other things (like e-mail encryption... or some IM protocol, like , or maybe Matrix these days). I'd love to have that from my uni, and it could have done a ton of good for the internet in general.

Instead, our IT department just outsourced pretty much everything to the cloud. All of our communication are belong to Microsoft now.


@Mr_Teatime Back when I was a kid, the hospital my father was working in had a garage and a team of engineers taking care of the hospital vehicles. They stopped doing so ages ago, because at some point it stopped making sense, it was not their core competency and not their business, there were specialists who could do the same more effective at better quality. Same, now, happens with IT infrastructure. Handling these things is ...

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