Going through the strange experience of being torn between supporting and on one side and having developers and requirements more and more pushing for on the other. Will be interesting to resolve.

Apache Beam will run on GCP but you can also run it on Apache Flink self-hosted. You don't need to compromise on open software to write cloud native. Really wish someone would get Python 3 going for Apache Beam though. There is Py 2 support but most work seems to have gone into Java.

@irl Yeah, I am looking at (and diving through) all these options, but the current "challenge" is an increasing desire not to do self-hosting of such infrastructure anymore at all...

I think this is where these unified APIs come in. It lets you keep the choice of self hosting (or migrating between providers) and avoiding vendor lock in.

@irl Yes, that's definitely a valid point and (these days) at least in my opinion way more important than software being "Open Source".

Your CPU isn't open source. Your RAM isn't open source. There is a line drawn where people seem to not care and it's somewhere in the OS with driver blobs or firmware usually. Cloud could be the new hardware and maybe people don't care about the cloud being open. It would be nice to have open libraries and toolkits for building on the cloud at least though.

@irl That seems a good way of looking at things, especially as it puts self-hosting a bit in relation. I was thinking just all along the lines of non-open hardware as well...

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