There are people claiming we need more "internet for people rather than corporate agendas" - to just end up with a bunch of complex, low-level pieces of infrastructure few "people" are even able to understand, let alone use. And so we repeatedly get lost in wasting effort and resources in too many unsustainable projects that, at the end, aren't usable by "people" but just "experts". Maybe the first important thing would be stepping out of the bubble and actually see who "people" are.

@z428 It's a tightrope walk isn't it? On the one hand, education is important as you don't want to cater to and sustain the same culture of ignorance that puts people at the mercy of predatory capitalists. On the other, not everyone can be an IT whizz and grapple with computer problems/inelegant software solutions. Tools absolutely should "just work". I am trying to learn but I count myself squarely amongst the ignorami. I think you're absolutely right: Focus on user experience.


@Flophouse_Sam ... sustainable or ethically aware fair-trade products: The idea to deal with, in example, exploitation of coffee farmers is not to learn to grow coffee of your own but to spend money on products and organizations that help those who are good at growing and "producing" coffee to do that in a manner that helps both them and us and the environment. Unfortunately, we don't have many of such things when it comes to tech - it seems there's either the large, corporate-backed ...

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