As there's recently (again) quite some people in my environment claiming to move away from for different reasons, I wonder where you are heading instead. Leave me a hint. Feel free to add comments, suggestions or whatever seems missing.

@ShinIce Seems to be mostly caused by Mozilla's recent layoffs and everything connected to it. Not sure about this, though.

@fred Personal guess: Anger about Mozilla's recent layoffs and "business model" discussions for funding FLOSS.

@z428 fair enough (though the irony of people moving to Google to protest Mozilla's business model and practices is not lost on me)

währe es nicht auch aussagekräftig einen Punkt "ich gehe nicht weg" zu fragen? - da bin ich dabei.

@wnagy Ich auch nicht. Aber ich will verstehen, welche Alternativen die Leute so sehen... 😉

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