Personal perspective, again and again: We need *human* technology, not *corporate* technology. But human technology can't be about things such as "privacy is more important than convenience". Human technology *has* to consider usability, accessibility, availability, ease of use, reliability, stability first-class citizens above everything else and not just as something devalued to be a matter of "laziness" or "convenience". It needs to be technology for *humans*, not *techies. 😐

@z428 Apple started great with "technology for humans", yet ended up locking everything down and trusting themselves more than the end user. So, it's important to make things easy to use, but it's as important to always give the user fullest access possible to modify those things to suit their purpose. The current trend of dumbing down technology in general and software in particular needs to go away.

@grishka I would have fully agreed back when I was still a CS student and dealing with techies all day. Yet, the last couple of years I learnt to see how totally untrained people use technology and how they actually gained a whole new world from a technology we consider to be dumbed-down because the freedom we want is by no means something they can handle. Balancing this seems pretty difficult because it also needs different structures around.

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