Thoroughly hate to admit, but so far, after replacing and with Microsoft all along with sending large parts of the teams to home office, collaboration quality this way has significantly increased, especially talking about features like chat notes or the ability to do live recordings of calls. And it just works, without custom infrastructure, even for mostly untrained people. Once again it pushes and open solutions back in one relevant aspect of day-to-day work. 😟

@z428 I'm still not happy with it,looking at yesterday the slide buildup was 56k like.
I would prefer something in our DC than that!


@ShinIce Same here. 😟 The problem I see, however: Would we have been able to set this up and roll that out to all of the organization in that short period of time? Not even talking about keeping it running in a reliable manner? Unsure about that.

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@z428 why short? I was against slack 2 years ago, so if short is 2 years then yeah,it would have been possible.

@ShinIce True. But, looking at the infrastructure we used to have running here in Dresden before (XMPP, ...), we wouldn't have been able to provide the kind of features people are using now in . For that matter, I'm unsure whether there are *any* open, self-hosted solutions anywhere close to that. 😟

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